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Transition School of Motoring are offering the opportunity to join our instructor franchise scheme.

Whether you are an established ADI, a new PDI or just starting out after being fully qualified, the benefits of joining a larger driving school are numerous. Add to that, the experience that we bring in road safety experience and you have a unique opportunity to make a significant difference to new drivers.


The benefits of becoming an instructor with the Transition School of Motoring are:-


  • Set, low monthly fee – no hidden extra charges

  • Your own space on our website

  • No charge for student introductions

  • FREE – local advertising

  • FREE – Business cards

  • FREE – Student appointments cards

  • FREE – Support from our partner ‘The Instructor Academy’

  • FREE – Continuous Professional Development training (CPD)


Whilst our aim is to produce the best new drivers that we possibly can, we are also keen to build a strong establishment of experienced instructors. To do this, we offer initiatives to retain our instructors such as:-


  • Holiday weeks in your second year of instructing with Transition School of Motoring, so you can take a break from work without having to worry about paying your franchise fees.

  • New skills training – Giving you the opportunity to provide extra training.

  • Regular meetings with trainers and other instructors, to discuss issues and come up with new initiatives.

  • FREE – Advertising of Campaigns to gain more students.


Call or Email today to book an appointment for an informal, no obligation meeting to see why the Transition School of Motoring is for you.

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