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The Transition driving school is founded on road safety...

... by a road safety professional. With over a decade of Roads Policing experience, I am well aware of the implications of poor driving. Having attended hundreds of serious injury and fatal collisions, many involving young, new or inexperienced drivers, my vision is to create a progressive driving school, with a learning emphasis on defensive driving and pride.


A personal approach to understanding the circumstances leading up to a collision has led me to understand how educating the driver is often more effective than enforcing penalties. This is how Learn with Transition was born.


All too often the young driver is rushing to pass the driving test and getting on the road. This intial excitement can be short lived with traffic law enfringements and collisions most prevelant within the new motorist... It only takes two speeding offences within the first 2 years of driving to lose your licence, then insurance premiums soar, other motoring expenses are missed (tyres are expensive); further offences are committed or the inevitable collision occurs, and a spiral begins...


I am committed to making a difference to the sobering statistics. Many of our instructors are trained by the very well respected and established 'The Instructor Academy' who we work closely with to ensure that we maintain our strong values and high standards.


Grade 1 Police Advanced Driver.

Investigating Officer for serious and fatal collisions.

Family Liaison Officer for serious and fatal collisions

Trained in Skid Management on both Skidpan and Skid car.

Centrex Trainer.

NPIA Trainer.

Qualified in Presentation Skills.

Risk Assessor.

Trained in National Tactical Pursuit and Containment (TPAC).

Qualified Trailer Handling.

Nationally trained Drug and Alcohol Field Impairment Instructor.

HAZMAT Advisor.

Convoy trained.

Current Qualification in First Aid at Work.

Qualified to administer advanced life support.

Certified by the Royal College of Surgeons in the practice of pre-hospital trauma care.

Experience in Fleet Management, school visits and youth group working.

Driving Instructors in Sussex Surrey Warwickshire Worcestershire London West Midlands

Driving School Sussex Surrey Warwickshire Worcestershire London West Midlands


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